Even Banana Haters Are Impressed With Trader Joe's New Product

Of all the fruits that fill grocery aisles, none are more beloved than the humble banana. (In fact, more people across the U.S. purchase bananas than any other fruit, according to Statista.) But despite this popularity, of course not everyone likes bananas. Whether it's the weird strings, strong smell, mushy texture, or the occasional brown spot lurking beneath the peel, some people just can't stand these potassium-filled fruits. If you consider yourself a member of the banana haters club, you might see the word "banana" and immediately decide a product is not for you — but this could cause you to miss out on a whole host of foods you would actually enjoy given the change. Instagram user @traderjoeslist discovered just that about a new product gracing Trader Joe's shelves.

Known by followers for their serious anti-banana stance (jokingly calling the fruit "rude" in many posts), the Instagrammer usually shares info about new banana products without trying them, instead having others sound off in the comments, as was the case in their posts about mini banana bread biscotti and banana bread mix. But in a March 31 review they admitted might shock readers, the Instagrammer gave Trader Joe's newest banana product their seal of approval — and other banana haters are likely to agree.

Namwa bananas make all the difference

While you might wonder if this is down to a change of heart (or palate), there is actually a simple reason this product got the green light from a vocal banana hater — it's made with a different type of banana than you may be familiar with. User @traderjoeslist took to Instagram to celebrate this new find, captioning the photo, "You may be shocked to see that I am even holding this, but fun fact, Thai Namwa Bananas are NOT rude."

Also known as Thai bananas, namwa (or namwah) is the most common banana variety in Thailand, according to Seaview Farms. Though similar looking to your standard U.S. grocery store fare, their flavor is described by UrbanTropicals as subtly sweet. When coated in rice flour and shredded coconut and fried, as Trader Joe's Thai banana fritters are, the crispy treats are less overwhelming than other banana dishes. So even if you're an avid banana hater, you may want to consider giving this new Trader Joe's product a try; The namwa banana could open up a whole new culinary world to you.