Ben & Jerry's Is Bringing Back A Discontinued Fan Favorite

Dedicated Ben & Jerry's fans have probably delved far beyond staples like Phish Food and Cherry Garcia into the expansive collection of flavors, and those who were actively exploring the ice cream brand's many pints a decade or more ago will likely remember the beloved flavor that recently returned from the Ben & Jerry's graveyard: Dublin Mudslide (via Chew Boom).

Though the flavor was originally introduced as a limited-time release in 2004, it became part of the permanent flavor lineup the next year, sticking around till 2012 when Dublin Mudslide was discontinued, per Ben & Jerry's. The ice cream was named one of the "most missed flavors" by the brand, along with Oatmeal Cookie Chunk, Wavy Gravy, and the Seinfeld-inspired Festivus.

Now pints of Ben & Jerry's Dublin Mudslide are officially returning to stores, with a suggested price between $5 to $6. 

The returning flavor is not exactly the same

For those who don't remember or haven't tried Ben & Jerry's Dublin Mudslide ice cream, it's Irish cream flavored ice cream with a ribbon of coffee fudge and chocolate chocolate chip cookie pieces. According to the company's page on the flavor, the recipe has changed slightly: it is now sourcing the booze from sustainable brand Wheyward Spirit.

For many fans, the return of Dublin Mudslide is a major hit. On the product page, which has a 4.3 out of 5 star fan rating, one person wrote, "I've been writing and writing and this flavor coming back is everything my heart has ever wanted!!!" Over on Instagram, the announcement is getting a pretty positive response as well, with many declaring Dublin Mudslide their "favorite flavor" and thanking the brand for bringing it back.

Of course, not everyone feels the returning ice cream is a slam dunk. One three star review says the flavor "isn't the same," stating that they're aren't a huge fan of the new spirit chosen, but that at the end of the day, "it's ice cream so it's going to taste somewhat good no matter what." The single one star review on the Ben & Jerry's website shared in the disappointment over the change, writing, "classic ruined by strong and NOT TASTY booze."