The TikTok Hack That Will Have You Opening A Pineapple Without A Knife

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If you've shopped for pineapple at your local grocery store, then you likely know just how much more expensive prepared and packaged pineapple is versus picking up the whole fruit. And if you've mastered the art of selecting a perfectly ripe pineapple and are ready to do the cutting work at home, you also probably know that there are several inventive tools you can use to get the job done. From the pineapple corer to tools that can remove the eyes from pineapples to kitchen knives, there are plenty of ways to get to the sweet fruit beneath the prickly skin. 

As for kitchen knives, according to The Kitchn, you should cut into a pineapple by slicing the skin off from the fruit's flesh. After that, it's just a matter of cutting the pineapple into bite-sized pieces. But if you want to open up a pineapple without using a knife to get into it, there's a TikTok hack that's perfect for you. It's only a matter of twisting, bouncing, and rolling the fruit around on a hard surface.

This is how the TikTok hack skips the knife

The TikTok hack for opening a pineapple without a knife was shared in April of 2021 by user TwinCoast, who wrote, "this was so cool!" And the technique is simple enough and starts by twisting the top of the pineapple off. After that, hold the pineapple right side up and tap it on a hard surface or countertop while turning it in a circle for at least 10 turns. Next, lay the pineapple on its side and push down as hard as you can while rolling it. Once you've followed these steps, you should be able to pull on each one of the eye's spikes to reveal the inside of the pineapple and get a plug of the fruit. 

The video garnered more than 870,000 likes and nearly 8,000 comments. Clearly, this is a hack that tons of people were surprised to learn and happy to put to good use. So, the next time you either don't have a knife on hand or you don't want to have to clean up pineapple scraps when you're done cutting, keep this TikTok hack in mind.