Ina Garten's Grandmother Inspired This Anti-War Message

Fans of Ina Garten know that the self-made chef is typically tight-lipped about her political views, despite her past career in government. Before Garten took over the East Hampton, New York, gourmet shop Barefoot Contessa in 1978, she had a job in the White House, working on the nuclear energy budget, according to Insider

As she told HuffPost in a 2018 interview, "I don't talk about politics. I don't know if people know what my political beliefs are or not, but I just think it's kind of like people's diets: You worry about your diet and I'll worry about mine. That's how I feel about politics." But Garten has entered the political fray with her latest Instagram post, which addressed her dismay at Russia's invasion of Ukraine and why she's speaking out now against the war.

On March 9, she shared a photo of herself as a young child with her family, but, in particular, she singled out her grandmother. The caption read, "My grandmother (left in the photo) came from Odessa in the early 1900s to escape the dreadful pogroms and made a wonderful life for all of us in America. My heart goes out to everyone who is forced to fight for or flee their homeland because of a horrific war. Btw she loved to cook and entertain friends; people who knew her say I am just like her. She also brought me that off-the-shoulder dress from Paris, starting my life-long love for that beautiful city. #stopthewar." 

How fans are responding

In response to Garten's deeply personal Instagram post, friends and fans have been very supportive. Actress Julianna Margulies simply wrote, "Beautiful." 

One fan wrote, "Remembered your family history in Odessa. Such a sweet photo. Family! Thoughts and prayers for Ukraine." 

Fans with Ukrainian heritage have also loved the post. One commented, "My grandmother came from outside Odessa, and my grandfather from Poltava, Ukraine. My love of family, good food, and opening my home to those I love ... priceless gifts from my Ukrainian family." 

Others were loving the family photo. Author Anna Quindlen wrote, "The astonishing thing is that I was able to pick you out immediately. You haven't changed!" 

Another fan wrote, "This explains your deep love for Paris so well! My grandmother was the heart of my love for cooking and entertaining. There is nothing quite like a strong grandmother." 

Another comment read, "A heartfelt tribute to your grandmother and your love for your family. Thank you for sharing." 

With more than 130,000 likes at the time of this writing, it is clear that Garten's words touched many people.