Bernie Sanders Weighs In On Starbucks Union Drive

While Starbucks regulars likely haven't given much thought to what goes on behind the coffee bar, those who have worked there in the past or are currently Starbucks employees probably know that change is all around – and part of that change is unionization. According to ABC News, three New York Starbucks locations successfully voted to unionize on March 9. And for many people, the happening was a sign that unionization within the company has momentum and will likely continue with additional stores. 

After hearing the announcement that the vote had successfully passed at the three new locations, Bernie Sanders weighed in with a tweet, saying, "Starbucks workers have now voted to join unions 6 out of 7 times. Union elections will soon be held in over 120 more shops. The movement to unionize Starbucks is spreading like wildfire. Now, would be a very good time for Starbucks to end union busting [and] embrace this movement." Within a day, he had been retweeted or quote tweeted more than 1,300 times combined, and the tweet had been liked over 9,000 times. 

This is how Twitter responded to Bernie Sanders

Of course, with Bernie Sanders' attention, many Twitter users responded with their thoughts on the growing trend. One person tweeted, "I would absolutely, enthusiastically patronize [Starbucks] if I knew they were a Union shop! As it stands, as much as I love the teams at my local stores, I can't give another dime to their union-busting leadership. I do, however stop in and drop $ in the tip jar once in a while." Another person wrote, "It would be good PR for Starbucks to make it a union shop without opposing it. It is too late now to fight it. Might as well try to make yourself look good and have people forget you fought it." Naturally, not everyone was in agreement with the unionization of some locations.

Some Twitter users who responded to the senator's tweet had questions about how it might affect them. Others debated the advantages and disadvantages of unionization. Even more stopped by the thread just to say they didn't care about the issue or that they wouldn't support Starbucks either way. But no matter your view and opinion of the unionization of Starbucks, your local store might rethink its standing after the newest wave of shops joining.