The Best Jamba Juice Secret Menu Items Ranked

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Jamba Juice started out as a college senior project. According to the chain's website, it was founded back in1990 and quickly bought up many competitor juice shops across the nation, taking the industry by storm.

Now, over thirty years later, Jamba Juice is known as one of the top juice shops in the country. While originally very health-focused, these smoothies are unfortunately no longer considered healthy by many standards. After all, the astronomical sugar content in a variety of their smoothies can be misleading to many consumers convinced they are choosing a healthy beverage.

Despite the high sugar count in many of its smoothies, Jamba Juice has plenty to offer with over 30 smoothies on their menu as of March 2022. And, if you can't find anything that interests you, there is also a not-so secret, secret menu.

We've rounded up our top favorite secret menu items at Jamba Juice and ranked them worst to best. It's a tough job, but someone's got to do it. Read below to find out our favorites. Then head to your nearest Jamba Juice location to give them a shot.

14. Pink Starburst

Everyone knows that the pink Starbursts are the best flavors in the bag. Why do you think they now sell a bag filled with only pink ones? It's true, pink Starbursts get the most social media conversation over any other flavor. And, if you are a true pink Starburst fan, you should give this secret Jamba Juice menu item a try. This smoothie contains lemonade, soy milk, raspberry sherbet, orange sherbet, frozen yogurt, and lots of fresh strawberries, according to Recipe Marker.

Does this one taste just like a pink Starburst? No, not really. But it is still dang good. Think of a glass of strawberry lemonade with a touch of tart raspberry blended in. It really hits the spot, especially on a hot summer's day. This one is super tasty, but since it does not taste exactly like a pink Starburst, this one falls near the bottom of our list.

13. Skittles

Are you surprised by all of the candy-flavored secret menu items offered at Jamba Juice? It turns out Jamba Juice lovers and makers alike seem to really like fruity candy. Per Hack the Menu, this Skittles flavored smoothie contains lemonade, lime sherbet, frozen yogurt, and fresh strawberries. Jeez, we can taste the rainbow from here.

This smoothie is only recommended for those that can tolerate the super sweet. It basically qualifies as a dessert. This one is cloyingly sweet and we'll be honest: We love it — but we aren't sure it's for everyone. While there are some fresh strawberries thrown in, it certainly is not the healthiest choice for a smoothie. At the end of the day, you may be better off just eating the candy. If you are at Jamba Juice, give this one a shot and you'll see what we mean. It's not for the faint of heart.

12. Andre's Surprise

While we do not know who Andre is, we sure thank him for this fancy concoction. Your mouth will thank him too. Andre's Surprise is a smoothie made of orange juice, raspberry juice, orange sherbet, pineapple sherbet, mangoes, and peaches, per Spoon University. One sip of this smoothie takes us to a tropical paradise, in our minds, that is. No, it doesn't quite have the magical superpowers of instant transport, but we sure feel like we are on vacation when tasting this order.

Because of the addition of two kinds of sherbet, pineapple and orange, we wouldn't necessarily say it is one of the healthiest Jamba Juice smoothies out there. That's due to the insane sugar content. Sherbet is a form of ice cream, after all. However, this smoothie sure does taste good. And if you are looking for a smoothie that can take you on a mental getaway, this one is for you.

11. Dream Machine

Calling all raspberry lovers! One of the most delicious Jamba Juice smoothies on the secret menu is the Dream Machine in raspberry flavor (it also comes in orange). This smoothie is raspberry-rich. It contains raspberry juice, raspberry sherbet, soy milk, and vanilla nonfat frozen yogurt, according to a recipe shared by Make Drinks. We love the purity of flavor that it provides. Unlike many of their other smoothies available on the menu or secret menus, there's not too much going on here. If you have a thing for raspberries, this smoothie is for you.

We happen to love this one because raspberries are not only remarkably delicious, they are also extremely healthy. According to Healthline, they are packed with fiber, antioxidants, and vitamin C. Get your smoothie fix in while also packing in the nutrients. This smoothie is one of the best smoothies available on the Jamba Juice secret menu. Don't forget about it!

10. Chocolate-Covered Strawberries

This secret menu item from Jamba Juice is meant to taste just like chocolate-covered strawberries. To order this item, ask for the Chocolate Moo'd smoothie and add an extra scoop of frozen yogurt and a scoop of strawberries, per Secret Menu. So what's in a Chocolate Moo'd smoothie anyway? This simple smoothie contains chocolate milk, ice, and frozen yogurt, according to Make Drinks. When these flavors are blended up, it will taste of creamy chocolatey strawberry goodness.

This smoothie, while not necessarily healthy, is a fantastic dessert-like smoothie, especially for someone who loves the sweet taste of chocolate. We wouldn't recommend starting your day with something like this, but it sure is tasty. It will satisfy even the most strong chocolate craving, while also adding in some extra nutrients from the strawberries. If you are a chocolate-covered strawberry fan, we'd recommend this smoothie during your next Jamba Juice outing.

9. Butterfinger

Jamba Juice's secret menu is packed with many types of candy renditions. This Butterfinger smoothie tastes remarkably similar to the well-loved Butterfinger candies. This one is made from peanut butter, chocolate, frozen yogurt, ice, and carrot juice, per Rather-Be-Shopping. Yep, we said carrot juice. We bet you didn't see that one coming. For whatever reason, the carrot juice works in this recipe. We know we sound crazy, but seriously give this one a try and you'll be a convert like us. Carrots, peanut butter, and chocolate don't seem to go together, but they work exceptionally well in this smoothie.

Because this one doesn't have any fruit as ingredients, we like that the carrots make an appearance. This allows us to feel somewhat healthy with our smoothie order. According to Healthline, carrots are a great source of vitamin A, biotin, and fiber. We love to hear this! If you love the Butterfinger candy, but want at least a little nutrition, order the Butterfinger smoothie.

8. Fruity Pebbles

Do you remember Fruity Pebbles cereal from your childhood? Fruity Pebbles cereal is a cult-favorite, still until this day. Many people love this flavored puffed rice cereal, which celebrated its 50th birthday in 2021. Jamba Juice's secret menu contains many smoothies designed to taste like popular candies, but this is the only secret menu item inspired by a cereal.

If you want a true dessert smoothie, this Fruity Pebbles smoothie is for you. This one contains lime sherbet, raspberry sherbet, pineapple sherbet, orange sherbet, and soy milk, per Wide Open Eats. It's basically a giant sherbet smoothie. The addition of a little soy milk, while peculiar, does add a hint of protein, which is nice and helps to offset the major sugar rush you'll experience drinking this smoothie. If you want a drink to take you back to your childhood, reminiscent of fruity candy-like flavors, this smoothie is the one for you.

7. Peaches and Cream

We dare you to name a better combination than peaches and cream. It cannot be done. This classic flavor pairing is one of our favorites to enjoy. If you feel the same way, Jamba Juice's secret menu has just the smoothie order for you. The Jamba Juice secret menu item, Peaches and Cream, contains peach juice, soy milk, vanilla frozen yogurt, fresh peaches, and ice, according to Make Drinks. While the addition of soy milk instead of cream from dairy cows may seem odd, it actually adds a sweet creaminess to this smoothie. And when paired with the frozen yogurt, this smoothie is extra creamy.

While many other Jamba Juice secret menu items are packed with many conflicting flavors, this smoothie's flavor comes through with resounding clarity. You will not be confused by the flavors in this smoothie. Peaches and cream lovers should not sleep on this one. It's one of our favorites.

6. Berry Lime Sublime

It's remarkable how many Jamba Juice smoothies contain sherbet. We didn't realize that almost every single smoothie is loaded with extra sugar due to the sherbet. Don't get us wrong, they are delicious! But when it comes to seeking out a healthy beverage, they may not be the ideal choice. Even the smoothies that contain mostly juice and fruit, like this one, Berry Lime Sublime, also contain sherbet as ingredients. The Jamba Juice secret menu item, Berry Lime Sublime, contains raspberry juice, orange juice, raspberry sherbet, raspberries, strawberries, and ice, per Hack the Menu.

The flavor combination in this smoothie reminds us of a fruity Cadillac Margarita sans booze. It's very tart with a hint of needed sweetness. And if you are feeling adventurous, go ahead and add in your own booze. We won't stop you! We think this would be the ideal beverage to sip on at the pool.

5. Sour Patch Kids

Calling all the sour candy lovers! Jamba Juice has the perfect secret menu smoothie for you. Per Steve Hacks this one is fairly similar to the Fruity Pebbles smoothie, containing a range of sherbets: lime sherbet, orange sherbet, raspberry sherbet, and pineapple sherbet. But instead of adding in soy milk, the Sour Patch Kids smoothie includes lemonade and blueberries to complete the range of sour rainbow flavors. The addition of the tart lemonade with the mixed sherbet flavors brings out the extreme sour taste in this Jamba Juice smoothie.

Okay, we'll admit it. The Sour Patch Kids smoothie is not very healthy, but what did you expect?! It's named after a candy. While not healthy in the slightest, kids and adults go nuts for this smoothie. If you can handle your sour and tart flavors, treat yourself to this secret menu smoothie next time you're at Jamba Juice.

4. Sunny Delight

Who remembers the drink Sunny Delight? This was one of our favorite drinks in childhood and they still sell this concentrated orange juice cocktail at many grocery stores. Back then, we thought Sunny Delight was just plain orange juice. Turns out it is made of a multitude of fruit juice concentrates including pear, orange, tangerine, apple, lime, and grapefruit, per Target.

Jamba Juice has a secret menu item devoted to Sunny D fans. The Sunny Delight smoothie contains orange juice, lemonade, orange sherbet, and lime sherbet, according to Her Campus. We think this one may be a little too tart for our liking. It tastes like a burst of citrus. If you loved the tart and tangy flavor of Sunny Delight in childhood and are drawn to bright citrus flavors, this smoothie is for you. Otherwise, we would advise skipping it. It just might be too tart for some.

3. Pink Gummy Bear

Now, this one is all the rage. We've heard by word of mouth that the Pink Gummy Bear Jamba Juice secret menu item is highly coveted. But what do gummy bears even taste like? Well it turns out the flavors used in various gummy bear products may not always differ between the colors, per NPR. So, when it comes to Jamba Juice's Pink Gummy Bear smoothie, it's not surprising to hear that the flavor is attained not by one, but numerous tastes of fruit. 

This smoothie contains mango juice, soy milk, lime sherbet, raspberry sherbet, pineapple sherbet, orange sherbet, fresh strawberries, and ice, according to Musely

Wow, we can see why this smoothie gets a lot of love. With a fun and unique name, and loads of fruity flavors, and a delicious taste, this smoothie makes our top three rankings of the best Jamba Juice menu secrets.

2. Pacific Passion

When you think of a tropical vacation, what do you think of? Maybe you think of a cool breeze blowing through your hair, the sun shining on your face, and your toes in the sand. Maybe you're drinking a tropical beverage reminiscent of all the local fruits. If you want a tropical drink to take you on a mental vacation, the Pacific Passion is for you. This one is made from passionfruit/mango juice, pineapple sherbet, fresh strawberries, fresh peaches, and ice, according to The Recipe Link. Can you think of anything more refreshing on a hot summer's day?

We love this one! It's one of our top favorites. We are partial to tropical drinks, but we feel everyone will be satisfied with this smoothie from Jamba Juice. For this reason, we've decided to place this near the top of our rankings. Give this one a shot. You won't be disappointed.

1. Peanut Butter and Jelly

Drumroll please... One of the best secret menu items available at Jamba Juice is the Peanut Butter and Jelly smoothie. This smoothie is made with water or almond milk, a pitted date, peanut butter, a frozen banana, strawberries, and raspberries, according to Detoxinista. Although one may not think to add a date onto their PB&J sandwich, it gives an added touch of nuttiness, and the addition of raspberries to the concoction in which many prefer strawberry-flavored (or grape) jam, gives an extra bit of tart fruitiness for an even more flavorful, sip-able treat.

This classic flavor combination, which brings out major memories of school lunchrooms, is such a hit that we've placed it at the very top spot of our rankings. When you make your next stop at your local Jamba Juice location, you must try the Peanut Butter and Jelly smoothie. You won't regret it.