This Is The Highest Restaurant In The World

If you've never eaten at a sky-high restaurant before, you might wonder just what the appeal is. But for those who have visited one for a special occasion, you know that restaurants that sit high above ground afford an amazing view of everything below it. While some of these restaurants might be geared more toward attracting tourists, others are simply architectural feats. 

Per Architectural Digest, At.mosphere, which sits more than 1,300 feet high in the air in Dubai, is one of the tallest restaurants in the world, and its incredible views and interior are well worth the elevator ride, too. Also among the world's tallest restaurants is Sky Restaurant 634 — in the Tokyo Skytree — which similarly inspires awe for its stature of more than 1,100 feet (via Euro News). But even as monumental as the height of these restaurants are, they still are not the highest restaurant in the world.

The new tallest restaurant in the world

As reported by CNN, the "world's highest restaurant in a building" is actually located in the globe's third-tallest building, aka Shanghai Tower. The building itself is the tallest in China, and towers over the city below it. Though the very top floors of Shanghai Tower are used for a hotel, the restaurant named Heavenly Jin sits on the 120th floor — some 1,825 feet in the air. Guinness World Records awarded the restaurant the title this month, supplanting Dubai's At.mosphere.

Heavenly Jin can seat 256 people and includes five private dining rooms. From mosaics of the Silk Road to crystal fixtures and a globally inspired menu (per Travel + Leisure), the restaurant is an impressive feat indeed.

It is worth noting that the title given to Heavenly Jin is "world's highest restaurant in a building." As CNN notes, the actual highest restaurant in the world sits atop a mountain summit with more than 17,500 feet of elevation. Though Heavenly Jin is the reigning restaurant to overtake for manmade titles, it doesn't come close to nature.