Disney Is Releasing Some Secret Recipes In Its New 50th Anniversary Cookbook

Everyone who has ever been to one of the Disney parks knows that one of the best parts of the visit involves enjoying the venue's iconic food offers. Think Dole whip, which was first served in 1986, per The Disney Food Blog, and whose recipe made it to social media during the COVID-19 pandemic. Then there are the park's churros, whose recipe also made an appearance on Disney's official blog at about the same time, as reported by People.

It seems appropriate then, that Disney is releasing a limited-edition cookbook containing 60 recipes from apps and main courses to desserts and drinks to celebrate the 50th birthday of Florida's Walt Disney World. Many of the recipes have never been shared with the public before, while a few more have been retired from the park's kitchens.

Titled "Delicious Disney: Walt Disney World" (with a subtitle of "Recipes & Stories from The Most Magical Place on Earth"), the book was first pulled together in the fall of 2021, per blog Inside the Magic. "Delicious Disney" will include recipes like the Crystal Palace's Breakfast Lasagna, Ronto Roasters' Batuuan Ronto Wrap, and the Tonga Toast — which has been served at the Polynesian Village Resort since 1971.

The book also covers the birth of Walt Disney World

"Delicious Disney" isn't just a collection of recipes, though; it's a record of stories and memories, too, because as People notes, its authors, Pam Brandon and Marcy Carriker Smothers, added images and accounts that provide a behind-the-scenes look of Walt Disney World: how it was conceptualized on paper and then brought to life by the park's imagineers. Regulars to Walt Disney World might recognize the title because the company first launched "Delicious Disney" back in the fall of 2021, but the park won't be releasing the book to the general public for another few months (fun fact, Amazon now has the book on pre-order!).

This isn't Disney's first cookbook. Back in 2015, the entertainment giant also released "Kitchen Magic with Mickey", which was also written by Pam Brandon. That publication had 100 of what The Disney Parks Blog called "oft-requested recipes," all of which were tested in a home kitchen; so we're guessing this latest cookbook will be no different. 

We don't know if there are any recipe dupes between the 2015 cookbook and this one, but at the end of the day, we're guessing that won't matter to plenty of Disney fans out there.