The Basic Trick That Will Stop Making Your Bowls Slip On The Counter

Home bakers who have branched out and attempted more difficult-level bakes or dishes — ones that call for working quickly — likely know how helpful an extra hand can be at critical moments. Whether it's whisking and pouring at the same time to prevent curdling milk or scrambled eggs in a custard or the need to add another ingredient into a batter while continuing to stir said batter, being able to work without holding the bowl is a game-changer.

Of course, no one wants the bowl to slip on the counter only to spill whatever it is you've been working on all over the floor either. That's why this kitchen hack is one every home cook should know and try. It's one that you can easily test yourself as it simply requires the use of a kitchen towel, or if you prefer, a few pieces of paper towel. The key is to help anchor your bowl so that it's not slipping this way and that.

It's also great practice for cutting boards, too

According to Taste of Home, if you wish to stabilize your bowl, simply wet a tea towel or kitchen towel and place it under the bowl to keep it in place as you continue to work. By wetting the towel, it will stick to both the countertop and the bowl and prevent any slipping as you stir, whisk, or continue working.

While a kitchen towel is a good option for achieving this effect, it isn't the only one. Good Housekeeping suggests using a wet paper towel in the same way. It might not be quite as sturdy as the kitchen towel, but it should still work. A wet paper towel will also be less bulky and more likely an even surface for the bowl. If you feel unsure, you can always double down on the paper towels and simply fold them over.

While both of these methods are great for keeping bowls in place, they're also a perfect trick for securing cutting boards. If you've ever been working with a knife only to have the entire cutting board shift mid-chop, you know an extra bit of security can be reassuring. So try placing a damp towel under anything you're worried might slip next time you're working in the kitchen.