The Lines On Solo Cups Mean More Than You Might Realize

Whether you're a 20-something or not, chances are you've heard or even used the lines on Solo cups to measure alcohol before. Be it at a tailgate, a party or a barbecue, the handy cups that inspired the Toby Keith song were actually not made with lines specific for pouring different amounts of liquor, beer, or wine. But that certainly hasn't stopped people from doing just that.

According to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the lines on Solo cups do conveniently align with serving suggestions for different kinds of alcohol. The lines toward the top and three-quarters of the cup are the equivalent of 16 and 12 ounces, respectively. Those are the serving suggestions for roughly one beer (12 ounces) and 1 ⅓ beer (16 ounces). Then, the lowest line on the cup is equal to about 1 to 1.5 ounces of liquid, which is the same as a single serving of liquor. So, it isn't surprising that people have used the Solo cup lines to measure alcohol and have come to even assume that was their intended purpose.

These are what those lines are actually meant to be used for

But the lines on Solo cups were not created for making drinks more easily. According to Taste of Home, the lines have other meanings for regular, everyday household uses. For example, the commonly used 1-ounce line for liquor was actually created as a suggestion for chocolate syrup when making chocolate milk. It's also a good amount for mouthwash. Similarly, the slightly higher 5-ounce mark on a Solo cup is not for serving wine, but is the right amount of milk for cereal or juice for a kid's daily intake.

While those lines are convenient for many uses, the company purportedly did not make them solely for the use of mixing and pouring drinks. The good news is that you can actually put these disposable cups to great use with so many different applications. So, reconsider how you use the Solo cups you have lying around.