14 Ice Cream Brands Are Being Recalled Over Listeria Concerns

Royal Ice Cream Company has been making Italian-inspired ice cream and other frozen treats since 1926. In addition to its own line of ice cream, ice cream cakes, and specialty desserts, the company produces ice cream for other brands in its manufacturing plant that are distributed to many states. The company has recently announced a major recall of those products.

While no illnesses have been reported yet, according to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the company is advising people to toss or return products from 14 ice cream brands that may have been exposed to listeria during production. For those who are not familiar with the bacterial illness, it can be fatal to those with weakened immune systems and cause short-term fever, headache, stiffness, nausea, or diarrhea in healthy adults. It can have serious affects on pregnant people, too.

That's why the company is urging anyone with potentially exposed ice creams to throw them away or return them to where they were purchased. All of the products that could be affected came from the same manufacturing plant and have the code CT121 or CT#121 listed, depending on the product.

These are the ice creams you need to toss

According to the FDA, the potentially tainted ice creams were sold in Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Vermont, New Hampshire, New York, Louisiana, Florida, and Texas. The recall is for products "within expiry," meaning unfortunately there is no magic window you could have purchased your ice cream within that would be safe.

Royal Ice Cream Company reported to the FDA that pints of all flavors of these five brands, should be tossed: Batch, Maple Valley Ice Cream, Art Cream, Gelato Fiasco, and Sweet Scoops Yogurt. As for larger containers and treats, all flavors of both pints and three-gallon containers of Ronny Brook ice creams; pints and 2.5-gallon containers of New Orleans ice creams; and all pints, half gallons, cakes, and other specialties from Royal Ice Cream brand are included in the recall. Containers of Newport Creamery's Crazy Vanilla, Van & Choc, and Vanilla & Coffee HG were also potentially contaminated.

Finally, for those who gravitate toward ice cream sandwiches, all of Biggy Iggy's, Munson, Giffords, Chewy Louie, and Snow Wich ice cream sandwiches have been recalled as well. So if you live in one of the affected states, scour your freezer and check for these brands and products.