Jeni's Is Daring You To Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast With New Flavor

Fans of Jeni's ice cream likely already know about a tradition the company holds each winter — celebrating Ice Cream for Breakfast Day with a new breakfast-inspired flavor. In 2020, the Jeni's flavor was Skillet Cinnamon Roll, but to mark the sixth year of the tradition, Jeni's is offering up more than a single new flavor.

In addition to 2022's new breakfast-inspired flavor, Maple Soaked Pancakes, Jeni's is celebrating the holiday by releasing a special song and video created by the artists behind the kids' show Yo Gabba Gabba. The ice cream company is hoping to set the world record for the most people eating ice cream for breakfast at one time, according to a press release, and to get there, it's offering fans the change to win a year of free ice cream.

Five winners will even be selected to win a 12-month subscription of Jeni's ice cream when they post a photo with #IceCreamIsBreakfast to a public social media account between 9:00 a.m. and noon on February 5. Jeni's stores are even going to open early on Saturday, February 5 (at 9:00 a.m.) so customers can get their scoops fresh and straight from the source.

Scoops of the new Maple Soaked Pancakes flavor will be available starting January 31 in stores, and the pints are already for sale in Jeni's stores and retailers across the U.S.

Jeni Britton's inspiration for 2022's breakfast flavor

To learn about Jeni's new breakfast-inspired ice cream flavor, Maple Soaked Pancakes, Tasting Table sat down with Jeni Britton herself for a tasting.

"The first thing you have to know about this flavor is that it's two sides. It's a little hard to see because they're both similar colors, but one side is maple and it's real maple syrup," Britton said. She shared how she was inspired by her family tapping their own maple trees and making maple syrup when she was a child in Illinois. "We had our own syrup and it was very watery, and so it would soak into the pancakes. So that's kind of the inspiration here. One half of the flavor here was meant to be that authentic maple," Britton said. The other half of the ice cream flavor is butter. "It's literally a salted butter ice cream. And to me, it tastes like when all the powdered sugar on your pancakes absorbs the butter. And then there are pancakes in here," Britton explained.

Though the new, nostalgic flavor is the most obvious choice for a breakfast treat, Britton also shared a few other ways she likes to use classic Jeni's flavors for the meal. "I think that one [the honey vanilla ice cream] is for putting in your coffee, and/or on top of waffles, and/or on top of coffee cake."

No matter what flavor you love best, what your go-to brand is, or how you enjoy it, Jeni's wants you to indulge a little earlier on Saturday, February 5 with some ice cream for breakfast.