Why Are Black Diamond Apples So Expensive?

When you peruse the produce aisle at your grocery store or local farmer's market, you'll probably find the apple variety you've come to expect. From the classic red delicious to the always popular honeycrisp, the apples on display all tend to be shades of bright, shiny reds and greens (via Home for the Harvest). But there's one vary rare and distinct apple that you likely won't find on the shelves of just any grocery store. In fact, you might only be able to find the elusive, purple-hued black diamond apples among the mountains of Tibet, according to Today.

While these apples may look enchanting, the price tag they come with is will take you by surprise. According to Taste of Home, each apple can cost between $7 and $20. That's obviously far more than you might be used to paying by the pound or by the bag, depending on how you shop. But what makes these apples so special that they can fetch such a price as that?

This is why the Tibetan apples are so expensive

Much like pistachios, black diamond apples very expensive because of the difficulty that comes with growing the produce. First of all, black diamonds can only be grown in regions that meet its very specific needs. According to Today, black diamond apples get their color and taste from being exposed to a lot of sunlight throughout the day and experiencing cold temperatures at night.

But what might likely cause the price of these apples to surge so high is their availability. Botanist Mark Veeder explained to Today that the apple trees do not even produce fruit for the first five to eight years. And, without a quick payoff for the investment in the challenging variety of apple, commercial farmers are not picking up black diamond apples. So, if you want to try one, you'll need to do some traveling and be ready to pay the price to savor one of these incredible fruits.