New Ostreida Vodka Features A Fishy Ingredient

Even spirits collectors and those who can't help but stay on top of the latest drink trends might be surprised by this new spin on American-made vodka. While there are all kinds of unusual liquor flavors out there — from bacon to peanut butter — nothing has been made quite like The Industrious Spirits Company's newest vodka. According to Food & Wine, The company is the first distillery to open up in Providence, Rhode Island since Prohibition, and after just one year of business, the brand is already getting creative.

The Industrious Spirits Company lineup includes several basic spirits (vodka, bourbon, and gin), as well as a spin on those classics (via ISCO Spirits). Now, in addition to the more standard spirits and a bourbon barrel-aged gin, the brand is selling an oyster vodka, aptly named Ostreida. The latest mollusk-distilled liquor was actually the product of inspiration that struck during the one-year anniversary party for the distillery, where fresh oysters and vodka drinks were served up.

What to expect from new Ostreida oyster vodka

Though other brands, like Oyester, have already made oyster-infused vodkas, Ostreida is made with a unique method. According to the distillery behind the new vodka, The Industrious Spirits Company, one of the key characteristics that sets its new oyster vodka apart is that they believe it is the first to actually be distilled with oysters, rather than infusing them after the vodka has been made. To do that, the distillery makes its neutral corn spirit and then adds the oysters into the distillation process. The Industrious Spirits Company feels that's part of what gives Ostreida its edge.

If you're having a hard time imagining what oyster vodka must taste like, the distillery describes the vodka as having "hints of savory brine and complex oyster aromas." This is what makes the vodka so well suited to martinis. (If you've never imbibed in the classic drink, martinis are often garnished with olives.) With the ocean and oyster flavor incorporated into the spirit, the distillery also describes the vodka as having "notes of salty seacoast and savory minerality with a subtle hint of bivalve bouquet."