The Surprising Fast Food Chain Christina Tosi Visits For Inspiration

Those who are tapped into the trendiest bakeries in the United States will likely know Christina Tosi as one of the top, James-Beard-award winning pastry chefs in the country (via Milk Bar). Though she got her start at David Chang's Momofuku, she has become incredibly well-known in her own right for her simple treats that let you relive fond childhood food memories. Though you might be surprised by the unexpected place where she draws her inspiration.

While Milk Bar's aesthetic is undoubtedly modern and even minimalist, the bright, fun colors and flavors are definitely reminiscent of childhood for many. And that's exactly why it shouldn't be quite as surprising as it is to learn that Tosi likes to visit a major fast-food chain from time to time that draws kids like crazy. It's almost like she is reconnecting with her inner child when she goes to this chain (via The Cut).

Tosi stops in McDonald's from time to time

Tosi recently explained to The Cut that she loves going to McDonald's to get inspiration for new desserts and creative, nostalgic flavors. "Doing everything from going to McDonald's in search of the very newest limited-edition dessert to being like, 'I'm going to get some French fries and Cereal Milk,' I kind of think about, 'How can I break the rules like a kid,'" Tosi said. Thinking back on serendipitous childhood food moments or reflecting on foods that take her back to those moments of inspiration are clearly a major source of creativity for the Milk Bar CEO (via Inc). "Those daily moments and decisions that make me feel lighter inspire me," she added.

It's easy to think about things you may have done as a kid inside a McDonald's chain and to imagine just what amazing new thing Tosi might dream up. From mixing every flavor of soda fountain drink into one cup or dipping your French fries into a vanilla milkshake, there's no telling what flavors from Tosi's visits to McDonald's might show up next in her cookies and desserts.