This Trick Will Help You Tell If Your Butter Is Browned

If you've never been introduced to brown butter or haven't tried to incorporate it into foods you make at home, it is high time that happens. While regular butter can make anything taste better, browning butter adds even more delicious flavor. According to The Kitchn, brown butter is the perfect way to create a more complex flavor, thanks to its slightly toasted, nutty flavor and smell. With a little bit of prep and a watchful eye, anyone can make brown butter on their stovetop in no time.

Browning butter is incredibly simple to do. It's just matter of melting butter in a pan on the stovetop and waiting for some of the milk fat solids to brown and caramelize some. But as easy as it sounds, it can actually be tricky to determine whether or not your melted butter has browned when it is in the bottom of a dark pan. Fortunately, there is an easy way to tell every time.

Watch and listen to the butter as it melts

YouTuber and author Katie Quinn shared a recipe with Today for cheddar brownies; moreover, because the recipe called for it, she also offered an amazing tip for how to tell when your butter has browned. Apart from looking for a golden brown color and smelling a delicious, nutty flavor, you can also listen to browning butter to ensure it is ready — and not burned. According to Quinn, the moment the butter stops crackling and grows quiet it is done. "Listen closely for when the sizzling and spitting of the butter stops," Quinn shared. "That's your cue to take it off the heat."

Quinn also recommends stirring the butter the whole time it is cooking to prevent any burned places in the batch.

With those tips, you can start browning your own butter in a flash. From baked goods and icing, to simply poured over roasted vegetables and brushed on meat, brown butter is the perfect addition to many dishes.