Chef Floyd Cardoz's Essential Gear

This chef's great taste extends well beyond the kitchen

1Brooks Brothers Polos

The chef and owner of newly opened Paowalla in NYC knows a thing or two about time management. On keeping a uniform of non-work shirts handy ($70), he says, "I have at least 10 different colors, and slipping them on or off to get into or out of my whites is so much easier when I am in a rush."

3L'Occitane en Provence Cade Shaving Cream and Balm

Need help getting out the door in the morning? Mornings are no sweat for the busy chef, thanks to this "amazing shaving tool ($28) that makes tedious shaving every morning a breeze." His sons are even hooked on it, too.

2Crooked Brook Chef Coats

Loyal to the same line of chef coats ($128) for years, Cardoz doesn't have to think twice about his kitchen style either: "My favorite chef apparel for the last 20 years, perfectly tailored, with my favorite abalone-shell buttons."


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4Maui Jim Sunglasses

When on the road, Cardoz is always prepared. "I needed a pair of sunglasses ($300) to make driving east in the morning sun easy, and I love the structure, as well as the lightweight, of these glasses," he says.

5Cole Haan Lenox Hill Waterproof Chelsea Boots

Long days without a moment to sit down are the norm for most chefs. Cardoz takes it all in stride, with the perfect footwear to slip into after his day in the kitchen is over. "Standing all day, I need a fresh pair of shoes when I finish work," Cardoz says. "My favorite are Cole Haan Lenox Hill waterproof brown Chelsea boots ($100)."

6Bowmore 15-Year Single-Malt Scotch Whisky

The chef keeps it classy even when he's winding down. "One of my favorite single malts (starts at $65)—my go-to at least four times a week after a long day—has a hint of smoke that I crave every night when I get back home," Cardoz says.

7Apple iPhone 6

To stay on top of it all, the chef's iPhone (starts at $549) is key, using it for "social media, emails, calendar, as well as to keep in touch with my Bombay Canteen team in Mumbai."

8SiriusXM Radio

At the end of it all, it's comedy that keeps Cardoz going. "There is nothing better than listening to blue-collar radio (starts at $50) at night on my ride home to take my mind off a very long day. My favorite is Jeff Foxworthy."