Gear And Snacks From Top Chef Richard Blais

Get in the Olympic spirit with the chef and marathoner

1Vitamix G Series

When Blais is training for the New York City Marathon, smoothies are vital fuel. "How else would you make smoothies without a Vitamix (starting at $429)?" he says. The Cadillac of blenders, it offers "professional, dependable power at home," he adds.

3New Balance Men's Fresh Foam Zantev2 Running Shoes

When training for a road race, nothing is more important than shoes. These Fresh Foam sneakers ($100) help prevent injuries, plus Blais digs the "awesome colors."

2Men's Nike Navy Team USA Performance Jacket

Blais likes to wear his USA pride on his sleeve when he works out. "Rumor has it that this is Michael Phelps's favorite warm-up ($65)," Blais says. "Either way, it's mine and a great way to show support for all our athletes this summer in Rio."


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This summer, enjoy the refreshing and artfully crafted taste of Starbucks® Bottled Iced Coffee. Made from premium arabica beans, the full-bodied taste of the medium roast coffee now comes in an 11-ounce bottle. It's great for taking on the go and perfect for drinking cold. Enjoy every refreshing drop this summer.

5Wedderspoon 100% Raw Manuka Honey

"We use this super-nutritional honey ($28) in my restaurants and at home," Blais says. "Its unique flavor makes it a go-to for anything from sweetener to cough remedy."

6Go-To Power Date Shake

Post-workout, Blais likes to make this power shake to recharge. "It's my own personal recipe: a couple of pitted dates, milk or milk alternative, ice and a banana. Amp it up with probiotics, hemp seeds, honey or any of your own favorite superfoods for a post-workout recovery drink," he says. Looking for ideas? Try sesame or sunflower seeds, or almonds.

7Naked Pressed Bright Greens

Working in restaurants means there isn't always time to get a complete dose of fruits and vegetables. On those days, Blais downs one of these. "My favorite is the Bright Greens blend, with apple, kale, lemon and cucumber," he says. (Limited availability; prices vary.)

8Powbab Organic Baobab Powder

Made from the fruit of a tree that grows in Africa, this powder ($21) has "more vitamin C than oranges and goes great in smoothies or sprinkled on oatmeal," Blais says.  

9Hiking & Mountain Biking Trails, GPS Tracker

"I love exploring a new city on a run," Blais says. But when runs stretch as far as 20 miles, planning where you are headed is key. This free app offers a slew of trails nearby, breaking them down by difficulty level, so the chef can, as he says, "trail Blais!"