Havana's Best Restaurants, Bars And Foodie Travel Ideas

In December of 2014, the U.S. reopened relations with Cuba more than 50 years after an embargo was put in place to not only stop all American imports but also prevent American citizens from entering the country.

Even a weeklong stay in this amazing country will expose travelers to the cultural and historical elements that help make Cuba what it is today, home to places such as the National Museum of Fine Arts; the Nostalgicar garage; and Hemingway's incredible house, Finca Vigía.

Not to mention the lively culinary scene. Up until the early nineties paladares, which are privately owned restaurants, existed illegally and were few in number. Today, those same paladares are much more plentiful, despite limited resources. Like the unique dishes coming out of the kitchens, these restaurants are eclectic, artistic and full of energy—much like life in Cuba itself.