Glamping Gear Guide, Destinations And Recipe

Everything you need to win at luxury camping, from essential gear to gorgeous destinations

1Corkcicle 60 oz. Canteen

It's important to stay "hydrated" when you're lazing in your hammock, so keep your magnum of rosé chilled or boozy hot chocolate piping hot with this extra-large but sleek growler ($50). The whopping container is made with stainless steel and triple insulated, so it handily beats dinky little flasks.

3The Best Luxury Campsites

Roughing it is a loose term in our book. How about yoga in Santa Barbara wine country or tepees and cheffy cookouts in Marfa, Texas? Check out the 10 ultimate destinations for glampers.

2Feuerhand Hurricane Lantern

No, you are not spooked by scary fireside stories. But it still doesn't hurt to hunker down with this sturdy, German-made lamp ($49), which can light up the night for a full 20 hours. You know, in case of an emergency.

4Ticla Besito Sleeping Bag

Add a little Burning Man flair to your bedding with this stylish and cleverly crafted sleeping bag ($80). Double layers allow you to adjust the warmth, so you can fully enjoy Mother Earth's natural AC.

5Barn Light Electric Enamel Graniteware Plates

Paper plates? You're not a barbarian (or litterer), so stock up on these sturdy plates ($80 for four), handmade in the States. Now who's ready for breakfast?

6TaxaOutdoors Cricket Trailer

This isn't your uncle's motor home. Rather, this smartly designed tent-trailer hybrid from ex-NASA habitation module maker Garrett Finney is camping of the future. With enough space and storage to fit one nuclear family, this mod camper ranges from a cool $17,000 to $25,000, depending on how much you soup it up (find retailers here). It has enough power to keep the lights on (and phones charged) for three days, fresh water for outdoor showers and a quick set-up to avoid the tent struggle.

7Sakara Watermelon Jerky

It's silly to haul a whole melon and a bit sad to gnaw on tough meat jerky, but Sakara's tender strips ($11), made from organic watermelon and with no added sugar, take snacking to a whole new level. Plus, they're packed with vitamins and fiber, if you decide to go on that hike (or lie out in the sun).

8Huckleberry Cobbler

Skip the s'mores for this fruit-loaded, biscuit-crowned dessert (see the recipe). We like tart huckleberries for this summer cobbler, but, hey, all berries are pretty great right about now.

9Best Made Co. Japanese Hatchets & Canvas Blade Roll

Because when else can you bust out a carbon-steel hatchet forged in Sanjo, Japan's legendary ironworking region? This sharp set ($48) is sandblasted for durability and moisture resistance, should you get a little carried away with decorating your walking stick.