June 2016 Guest Editor: Tim Love

Conquer cooking in the great outdoors with grill master Tim Love

1Lincoln Electric Welding Gloves

"I always keep these gloves around when I'm grilling or camping," Love says of this leather pair ($15) made for metal workers. "You can grab hot coals without a worry and burn logs for your campfire. They're so much better than 'grilling gloves.'"

3Lincoln Electric Inferno Propane Torch Kit

Fun fact from the barbecue guru: "This blowtorch ($50) was originally invented to burn prickly pear cactus. All you need is a flint switch, and you can light anything on fire."

2The PK Grill and Smoker

"I'm all about the amazing simplicity of a charcoal grill that can also smoke food," Love says of this portable, hand-poured aluminum beauty ($370). "I love their story, and I love their products, but for a gas grill, go for Lynx."


4Sponsored: For Those Who Love Coffee

This summer, enjoy the refreshing and artfully crafted taste of Starbucks® Bottled Iced Coffee. Made from premium arabica beans, the full-bodied taste of the medium roast coffee now comes in an 11-ounce bottle. It's great for taking on the go and perfect for drinking cold. Enjoy every refreshing drop this summer.

5Backwoods Gear

"I like to shop at Backwoods for all my outdoor gear, from tents to coats to climbing gear. Plus, the shop is independently owned and operated," Love says.

6Peanut Oil

"When cooking steaks, I always use peanut oil to deepen that roasted flavor," Love explains. "It also has a higher smoke point than other oils, so if you're grilling at high temperatures—and you always should be grilling at high temperatures—the oil won't burn and taste bitter. If you're allergic, you can get the refined version, or if you're generally averse, go with grapeseed oil, which is neutral in flavor but also has a high smoke point." He recommends Georgia's Golden Peanut if you can find it, or Hain in a pinch.

7Greenhorn Grill Set

"Make sure to have a good standard spatula and slotted spatula on hand. These are essential," Love instructs. He has his own stainless steel, American-made line ($60). "They are sturdy and element-resistant tools that last. You don't want them bending or breaking when working outside."

8Edlund Stainless Steel Kitchen Tongs

"Tongs are super important to the grilling process, but you actually don't need anything fancy. What you do need is function, like these spring-loaded tongs ($6)," Love says.

9Yeti Coolers and Rambler Tumblers

"One day in the hot Texas sun with a Yeti ($200 to $1,200), and you will never buy another cooler," Love shares. "They are very tough and keep ice frozen literally for days. The Rambler bottles ($40 to $90) will do the same thing for your drinks."