May 2016 Guest Editors' Picks: Salt & Straw Ice Cream

Portland, Oregon, ice cream mavens Kim and Tyler Malek give us the scoop on their fave things for summer

1Pigeon Toe Ceramics Small Tripot

"Each piece is not only beautiful, but incredibly functional," Kim says of the sibling-owned studio in Portland. "They are a pleasure to look at, and you can feel that someone handmade each piece. When you really want to impress, ice cream in the small tripot ($48) is like a piece of art."

3Alma Caramel Sauces

"Sarah Hart is a kick-ass female business owner who runs Alma with her daughter," Kim says. "There's love in everything they do. I enjoy a scoop of our ice cream with any of the caramel sauces ($10 to $11)."

2Nima Oberoi Lunares Ice Cream Server Set

"A homemade batch of ice cream gets the pizzazz it deserves with this glamorous serving set," Kim says of the polished pint ($69). The sleek aluminum material both provides cooling insulation and lends an ultra-modern look.


4Sponsored: For Those Who Love Coffee

This summer, enjoy the refreshing and artfully crafted taste of Starbucks® Bottled Iced Coffee. Made from premium arabica beans, the full-bodied taste of the medium roast coffee now comes in an 11-ounce bottle. It's great for taking on the go and perfect for drinking cold. Enjoy every refreshing drop this summer.

5'The Flavor Thesaurus,' by Niki Segnit

"I own three copies ($27) and built my flavor knowledge after reading it about five times," Tyler confesses. "It trains you on combining flavors and has incredibly enthralling information."

6Whynter Ice Cream Maker

"This is by far the best tabletop ice cream maker ($359) I've ever owned," Tyler says of this sturdy, stainless steel beauty from the California air conditioner maker. "It's dependable, fast, easy to clean and makes a great product. It has its own refrigeration unit, so it's not dependant on pre-freezing coolant-lined tubs like other options, which is much more fun for those of us who like to make ice cream on an impulse rather than planning ahead to freeze the tub the day before."

7Brunch at Navarre

"This is my best-kept secret in the city and, by far, my favorite Saturday-morning ritual," Tyler explains. "Every time I go, I start with coffee, bread, butter and homemade jam. I know it sounds boring, but I promise it's a food experience that epitomizes the simplicity of Portland living."

8Breakside Salted Caramel Stout

"Breakside Brewery has grown up with us in Portland, and they make beer with the same philosophies of collaboration and creativity," Tyler says. Case in point: this rich, smooth stout.

9Compartés Love Nuts

"Jonathan Grahm is arguably one of the most talented food artists in the country," Tyler explains. "The nuts ($15) are carefully caramelized with sea salt and dipped in chocolate 14 times (14!), creating this almost croissant-like effect with how it falls apart in your mouth."