February 2016 Editors' Picks: Koreatown Cookbook & TigerNuts

February means more spherifying, Chrissy Teigen and, duh, chocolate

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1'Notes from a Kitchen' Magazine

Artist Jeff Scott is clearly not content with his epic, encyclopedic tomes. So the Notes from a Kitchen author is releasing twice-yearly magazines ($35) by the same name. First up in the inaugural issue is one dedicated to the dishes, creative process and failures that inspire chef Sean Brock.

3Valerie Confections Pour Elle

These may seem like a double dose of cliché, but these lovely chocolates ($30), flavored with passion fruit and sencha from L.A. chocolatier Valerie Confections are anything but.

2Mosu (San Francisco, California)

Everyone is flocking to Seoul, South Korea's rediscovered dining capital, but our next stop is Mosu, opening later this month. Chef Sung Anh cut his teeth at The French Laundry and Benu, clear inspirations for his French technique-driven, Korean flavor-forward restaurant.

4Carla Hall, Carla Hall's Southern Kitchen, NYC

"In February, I'm still enjoying hearty beef stews—I don't start craving fresh salads until late March. It reminds me of what my mother would cook when I was a kid. Served with corn bread, it's perfect."

5'Koreatown: A Cookbook,' by Deuki Hong and Matt Rodbard

Everyone from legendary restaurant critic Jonathan Gold to Andy Milonakis weighs in in this cheeky cookbook ($30) dedicated to the wonderful dishes of K-Towns across the country.

6Coffee Cocktails for Winter

Swap your morning brew's milk and sugar for whiskey and Thai chiles. We're on a different kind of buzz this month with a few caffeinated cocktails of the moment. Dale DeGroff's luxurious Irish coffee is now at The Dead Rabbit in New York City—sans nutmeg and don't get him started. And in hotel lobbies across the world, the Wyndham Grand has its new Brew Parlor up and running with cold brew-fueled drinks from Ivy Mix and Stephanie Izard, like Mix's St-Germain spritz and Izard's spicy shaken coffee.


Forget diamonds: Bouncy saffron pearls are really your best friend. Meet the Spherificator ($170), a nifty handheld machine finally on the market after years of testing. Simply blend your ingredients and pour into the device, then pump out little pearls into a bowl of sodium alginate and water.

8'Cravings,' by Chrissy Teigen

Supermodel Chrissy Teigen is just like us. She bakes her oatmeal and pounds her papaya salad. It's all in her cookbook ($30), launching this month—and, yes, John Legend is in it, too.

9Organic Gemini TigerNuts

It's safe to say there is always a bag ($5) of these sundried little tubers on certain TT editors' desks. No, they're not nuts, but their round, sweet and slightly savory taste and packing-peanut-meets-cashew-like crunch are pretty addictive.