Houston's Best Restaurants, Bars And Travel Ideas

While most of America hears the name "Houston" and thinks beef, BBQ and Tex-Mex, the reality is much more vivid. In fact, you might find yourself enjoying a Czech pastry filled with Cajun sausage while drinking a Vietnamese-French iced coffee laced with sweetened condensed milk. This seemingly odd amalgam of culinary cultures may seem odd elsewhere, but it's perfectly at home in this sprawling Texas city. A historic port town, Houston has subtly changed from a place that offers a home to immigrants to a city of immigrants. The outsider simply becomes a part of the patchwork quilt of cultural influences that have come to define the city at its core. Vietnamese pho is as much a Houstonian birthright as a combo plate of cheese enchiladas. This mishmash of cultures is changing the face of Houston, and creating one of the most dynamic dining destinations in the country.