Four Accessories For Cold Drinks

Four accessories to keep you hydrated

By midsummer, all we can think about is our next cold drink. We've unearthed a few accessories to help keep you hydrated during the hottest months–and if you throw in a little booze, well, we won't tell anyone.

Teavana's new iced-tea maker ($80) has a stainless-steel brewing chamber up top, and a glass carafe to fill with ice on the bottom. The dishwasher-safe vessel holds up to 28 ounces. 

This set of handcrafted glasses ($128) pulls double duty: Use them to guzzle iced tea, or hang them on the wall, filled with water, and use them as a mini herb garden. 

A reusable commuter mug ($13) has double walls of temperature-resistant beaker glass to keep your iced coffee ice-cold in the car or on the train. If you must have a hot cup of joe in the morning, it keeps liquids warm too.

Whether you're a cocktail aficionado or simply a perfectionist, a set of two BPA-free, dishwasher-safe ice-ball molds ($18) will create perfect spheres to chill your next beverage.