Danny Seo's Eco-Friendly Grill Pans And Kitchen Tools

Danny Seo's eco-friendly grill pan and accessories

No backyard? No deck? No problem.

Green-living television host and author Danny Seo's has released a line of eco-friendly pans and tools that make it possible to host a barbecue, even if you're lacking outdoor space.

His lightweight grill pan ($20) has a PTFE and PFOA chemical-free coating; it heats up quickly and gave a nice sear to our summery dinner of chicken brushed with barbecue sauce, with eggplant on the side. The pan has a handy spout for pouring off excess grease, and it wiped clean in three seconds flat.

While the pan lacks the heft of traditional grill pans–and we wish it had higher ridges for more pronounced grill marks–it's an affordable, sustainable solution for the backyard-bereft. Try it with our turkey kebabs or yogurt-and-harissa-marinated chicken skewers for a quick weeknight dinner.

Seo also makes a line of recycled-steel spatulas, spoons and the like, as well as a set of tools specifically for the outdoor grill ($5 to $10), for those who own one. The spatula, tongs, baster and brush are also crafted from recycled steel, with ergonomically designed, sustainable bamboo handles.

But even if dinner is an inside job, Seo has you covered.