Bartenders Are Joining The Fresh-Pressed Juice Trend

Get your next fresh-pressed juice at the bar

Bartenders across the country have picked up on the green (and red, and golden) juice craze, as they were bound to do sooner or later. They're shaking and stirring cocktails with fresh-pressed juices made from our favorite seasonal vegetables. Time to reverse the effects of that cleanse.

Greens: Instead of starting your day with a green juice, end it with a V-9 at Chicago's Mercadito. The bar blends "super greens" such as kale and cilantro with Herradura Tequila, pineapple, ginger and lemon.

Red Beets: Trick Dog in San Francisco pours the Pantone 7621, named for its deep crimson hue. The drink combines bourbon, Combier Kummel, beet juice, ginger and lemon. The Tequila Beets at Bloom in Miami is just that: roasted beet juice spiked with tequila, lime, chamomile syrup and whiskey-barrel-aged bitters.

Peas: Nothing says early summer like a Mojito at New York City's Rouge Tomate, where the classic Latin American libation is given a makeover with pea juice, lavender-infused rum, yuzu, elderflower syrup and mint.

Golden Beets: New York City's The Wayland pairs smoky and sweet with its Summer Beet drink, made with mezcal, golden beet juice, lemon juice, jalapeƱo, agave nectar and a mint sprig.