Traditional Medicinals Dandelion Root Tea Benefits

Why you should drink dandelion-root tea

You've likely had dandelion greens in a salad.

But dandelion root is less well known and less widely used–which is why our curiosity was piqued by Traditional Medicinals' Roasted Dandelion Root tea ($5 for 16 tea bags), made with whole-roasted, sustainably harvested roots.

Dandelion root has a multitude of healthful uses: If you downed one too many margaritas this past weekend, dandelion root gently stimulates liver function, in addition to helping the body's natural detoxification process. It also aids the digestive system.

And then there's the flavor: The tea has earthy, nutty notes and a slightly bitter tang. During the hot summer months, a chilled version refreshes in a more complex way than traditional iced teas.

Finally, although the tea has no caffeine, we felt revived after drinking a cup.

It may be time to weed out other morning beverages.