Altar's Newest All-Natural Herbal Restore

A beneficial new cocktail mixer from Altar

Tomato juice is about to be beaten to a pulp.

We'll take our next Bloody Mary with Altar's newest all-natural herbal "martini," Restore ($20 for 750 ml), which counts organic tomatoes and tomatillos among its whopping 25 ingredients.

Founder Jagatjoti Khalsa, formerly of Yogi Tea, tinkered with the proportions of yellow bell peppers, white peony tea, smoked sea salt and a homemade white Worcestershire sauce for more than two years, and it shows in the elixir's chameleon-like flavor profile. Tangy pepper and spice notes are front and center on the first sip, but the drink mellows into a sweeter, rounder vegetable juice.

Of course, the tonic is a complex base for your next Bloody Mary or Bloody Maria, but it could also provide an herbaceous boost to muddled cucumber-vodka or cucumber-gin concoctions, and would be refreshing on summer afternoons with a splash of sparkling water.

Its possibilities aren't limited to libations: Try it in gazpacho or ceviche, or as a substitute for vinegar in salad dressing–perhaps to top a caprese salad.

Beefsteaks must be shaking in their boots.