Art Smith Cooks It Up Healthy-Style For Celebrities

Celebrity chef Art Smith's new healthy-cooking tome

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Celebrity chef and TV personality Art Smith has cooked for, well, everyone.

Some don't require full names (Oprah, Gaga), while others include heads of state (President and First Lady Obama, Nelson Mandela).

Name-dropping aside, Smith is a devout evangelist of healthy eating, having shed 120 pounds by drastically changing his diet. His new book, Art Smith's Healthy Comfort ($28), celebrates some of the home-style recipes that helped him adopt a more balanced lifestyle.

The recipes range from bright salads (purple-cabbage-and-carrot slaw with coriander) to homey mains (baked polenta with tomato sauce and ricotta) and elegant dinner-party dishes (lime-and-mint scallops with red onion). He even devotes a section to what he calls "Party-Day Foods," his name for simple indulgences to be enjoyed once a week.

We tried Smith's Shirataki Noodles Stir-Fry (see the recipe). Airy shirataki noodles–made from yam flour–soak up the flavors of a light soy-Sriracha-almond milk broth spiked with garlic, ginger and jalapeño. Vegetables like broccoli rabe, shiitake mushrooms and carrots, as well as chopped roasted peanuts, beef up the vegan dish.

If you like heat, increase the Sriracha, or leave the bottle out for dining companions to squirt at will.

And, of course, an Oprah-style introduction ("SHI-RA-TAAAAA-KI!") wouldn't hurt either.