Genki-Su Drinking Vinegars From Takako McNeil

Genki-Su Japanese drinking vinegars

We had orange juice. But Takako McNeil drank vinegar–made by her mother–every day growing up in Japan.

McNeil, now a resident of Portland, Oregon, launched Genki-Su drinking vinegars along with business partner, Judy Tan, to replicate her mother's natural blends.

Genki-Su's four flavors ($17 for 12 ounces), like Shisho or Nashi Japanese Pear, are handcrafted with fresh ingredients like coconut vinegar and honey. Drinking vinegars purportedly aid digestion, support the immune system and increase energy levels–and in this case, they're also a delightfully sweet-tart addition to a variety of beverages.

Mix the light Yuzu Citron, made with kumquat, into sparkling water to make an effervescent lemonade; a few drops will add citrus notes to your morning tea. The more powerful, pucker-inducing Ginger Honey is ideal for the bar: Add a dash to a Gin & Tonic or sparkling wine for an aromatic summer cocktail.

In that vein, drinking vinegars can also potentially soothe hangovers.

We'll toast to that.

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