Lilypad Lids Reusable Kitchen Covers For Food Storage

Lilypad Lids' versatile, reusable kitchen covers

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We're generally not likely to take kitchen cues from a swamp.

But perhaps frogs are on to something: Designer Charles Viancin took the humble lily pad as inspiration for his reusable, versatile Lilypad Lids ($8 to $18).

Ranging from four to 13 inches in diameter, the dishwasher-safe silicone flaps can be used for food storage or healthful cooking.

Press a lid over the edges of any smooth-rimmed bowl or pot to create an airtight seal, which will keep food fresh in the fridge. The lily pads can also be used during stovetop cooking to seal in heat; they're safe up to 428°F. Or, drape a lid over a cooking vessel to steam food quickly in the microwave.

Lilypad Lids: They've got you covered.