Summer Camp Getaways For Grown-Ups

Summer-camp getaways where you can recharge

Summer camp: Not just for kids anymore. In the coming months, relax and recharge on adult getaways that recall the glory days of Meatballs and Wet Hot American Summer:

Camp Grounded: In a 1970s camp in California's Anderson Valley, more than 200 campers will partake in everything from arts and crafts and stargazing to pillow fights and marshmallow-roasting. Grown-up activities include yoga, baking classes and meditation. Yes, there's a communal dining room, and yes, "sneaking out is encouraged." June 14 to 17; $340 

Life of Yes Retreat: This three-day excursion, which takes place "somewhere magical" in Michigan, will allow you to fully tune out, considering your phone will be collected on arrival. At the retreat, you can get back to nature, practice yoga and participate in creative exercises. There are two caveats: You must apply for a spot by May 10, and because the goal is to meet new people, you must attend solo. August 2 to 4; $375 

El Cosmico Big City Camp Cooking Weekend: If you'd like to limit your activities mostly to the culinary world, learn about modern Southern and cowboy cookery in the artsy enclave of Marfa, Texas. The weekend includes workshops and a camp breakfast; you can stay in a bare-bones "safari tent," or upgrade to a teepee or vintage trailer. August 9 to 11; $250 (does not include lodging)