The Best Day To Ditch The Kitchen

The best day to ditch the kitchen

If you're one of those people who hits up restaurants on Friday and Saturday nights, here's a news flash: You're doing it all wrong. Dining out on a weeknight is the way to go.

You should be spending your weekends trying out new recipes, wowing your friends with braised short ribs (see the recipe), pork tacos (see the recipe) and halibut en papillote (see the recipe), then heading to your favorite restaurants during the week, when the crowds have thinned and a long day at the office has left you too tired to cook.

You'll be much more likely to get a prime-time reservation on a weeknight, as well as a better table, and you'll be able to enjoy the fruits (and vegetables) of the chef's weekend trip to the farmers' market.

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Looking for a spot to dine? We have some ideas.