Tea Kettles And Gadgets

New gadgets for your morning cup of tea

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Whether loose-leaf or the bagged variety, tea has come a long way. Here are four gadgets that make your morning brew even more enjoyable:

Krups Personal Tea Kettle: This new, one-liter electric kettle ($60) uses an internal water circulation system to infuse either bagged or loose-leaf tea. Pour easily with an angled spout; the fact that it's compact enough to fit on your desk makes the kettle even more appealing.

Eva Solo Tea Bag: Made from stainless steel and silicone, this reusable tea bag is dishwasher-safe. Use the small version ($25) for a spot of tea, the larger iteration ($30) for a steaming mug.

Takeya Iced Tea Maker: Brew, chill and serve loose-leaf iced tea in one pitcher. The 2-quart acrylic piece ($25) flash-chills hot liquid in 30 seconds, and makes about eight glasses of cold tea.

Tea Egg: One part modern design marvel, one part functional brewer, this two-piece silicone "egg" ($23) lets you control how strong you'd like your cup of tea.