Sprouted Flours

To Your Health's sprouted flours present a healthful alternative

White, whole-wheat and cake flours are about to be blown away.

To Your Health Sprouted Flour Co.'s line of milled-to-order, certified-organic sprouted flours ($6 to $10 for a 2-pound bag) present both more healthful and gluten-free options for baking and cooking.

From a nutritional standpoint, sprouted flours are easier for the body to break down and digest, and contain higher levels of enzymes and vitamins A, B and beta-carotene. And unlike conventionally milled flours, sprouted flours have fewer antinutrients, which prevent the absorption of vitamins.

Gluten-free eaters can dredge seafood and shellfish in garbanzo or black-bean flour before a simple pan-sear; the more substantial millet and rye flours are ideal for baked goods like bread and muffins. For of-the-moment eaters, there's even a sprouted quinoa flour. As a rule of thumb, you may have to add more liquid when baking with sprouted flours.

All of the company's flours are certified kosher, and are non-GMO.

Talk about flour power.