Whole-Leaf Tea Blends By Transcendent Teas

Beneficial whole-leaf elixirs from Transcendent Teas

We know a pu-erh from an oolong, but even we'd never seen some of the ingredients in Transcendent Teas.

The line of handcrafted, small-batch, whole-leaf therapeutic tea blends ($16 for 1.7 to 2.5 ounces) designed to support the body is made from organic roots, botanicals and wild herbs.

In the cleansing Purify blend, for instance, there's manayupa and chanca piedra from South America, herbs that are used to strengthen the liver and kidneys, as well as black currant leaf for detoxification. Intended to increase the body's immune system, the more pungent Resist blend draws its benefits from rainforest herbs such as cat's claw and pau d'arco.

Our favorite, the subtly sweet Unwind, lists mulungu as its powerhouse, a bark traditionally used to assist in relaxation. The addition of linden flower and rose petals lends a fragrant bouquet.

Transcendent Teas' website lists an origin for each ingredient, and its loose teas come in compostable bags.

Looks like Earl Grey just got demoted.