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A new cookbook loses the salt but not the flavor

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For most food lovers, a life sans salt translates to a bland existence.

Jessica Goldman Foung's new book, Sodium Girl's Limitless Low-Sodium Cookbook ($25), proves that reducing the flaky white stuff can actually mean just as much, if not more, mealtime pleasure.

When she chose to adopt a nearly sodium-free diet after a lupus diagnosis nine years ago, Foung began her Sodium Girl blog to chronicle her kitchen experiments. Over the years, she's taken the most pleasure from unexpected discoveries, such as substituting molasses for miso or cauliflower for cheese.

As such, her cookbook contains surprising recipes for which one might think salt a necessity: buffalo chicken wings, egg-drop soup and beef taquitos, to name a few.

Our Test Kitchen baked a batch of her carrot cupcakes (see the recipe), studded with shredded coconut, salt-free pumpkin seeds and currants. In one of her signature tricks, Foung deftly substitutes Greek yogurt or kefir for cream cheese in the tangy frosting.

See? There's no need to get salty.