Area 31 Shows Helathy Eating Is Contagious | Miami

E. Michael Reidt's farro salad with sweet potatoes

Chef E. Michael Reidt of Miami's Area 31 restaurant is an example of how healthy eating can be contagious.

Reidt, who was diagnosed with diabetes when he was 14 years old, has watched his diet carefully for years, but it was a heart attack two years ago that inspired him to make more serious changes. Namely, he banned his cooks from drinking soda at work and began to teach his kitchen staff about the pleasures of healthy eating.

Now, the staff enjoys growing their own vegetables, experimenting with ingredients like beet greens and kale stems, and eating more wholesome staff meals. At Area 31, lunch for the team might be marinated-tofu tacos, or a grain salad like Reidt's farro and vegetables (see the recipe).

The dish combines some of our favorite of-the-moment healthful ingredients: nutrient-dense braised kale, beta-carotene-rich sweet potatoes, and vitamin A- and C-packed celery root.

One bite, and you might catch the fever too.