A Taste Of France In Every Cocktail

A taste of France in every cocktail

A little effervescence is always welcome.

Perrier®, the sparkling natural mineral water with a French accent and the signature teardrop-shaped bottle, has been used to create magnificent cocktails since its 1903 debut.

It is quite nice straight up, but with 50 million bubbles in each bottle, it also adds just the right amount of spritz to The Maple Highball (see the recipe), a combination of bourbon, applejack and maple syrup; the festive Bobbing for Apples (see the recipe); and many of the libations included in Tasting Table's Best Cocktails 2012.

Before mixology was even a common word, Perrier® has been the bottled water of choice at prestigious cocktail bars from New York to Hong Kong. See for yourself with these recipes.

To put it plainly: Perrier® simply sparkles.