Urban Remedy's Organic Juices Cleanse The Soul

Pick the right cleanse with Urban Remedy's organic juices

Neka Pasquale, an acupuncturist with a certificate in traditional Chinese nutrition, knows that not everyone loves a liquid diet.

Which is why we love her new Urban Remedy line of hand-pressed, raw, organic juice cleanses ($60 per day) and meal smoothies ($7 for 16 ounces): Pasquale makes it easy for even the noncommittal to pick the right program.

Newbies can start with her one- to three-day Signature Cleanse. The regimen includes six 16-ounce juices: an alkalyzing green juice; spicy açaí lemonade for metabolism; a diuretic flush containing cucumber, mint and ginger; the liver-purifying After Party with beet greens and root; a more substantial vanilla-cinnamon chia shake; and cashew-nut milk to balance out blood sugar.

More ambitious drinkers can graduate to the Purify Cleanse, featuring a fennel-apple-ginger-mint concoction for digestion, or the intense Super Green Cleanse, which packs in active enzymes in its six, yes, green juices.

Mix and match your favorite cleanses to create a custom multi-day program; to keep the clean feeling going after your last sip, try one of Pasquale's liquid meal replacements, in such flavors as pineapple-coconut and PB&J made with all-natural fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts and sprouted brown-rice protein.

All of Pasquale's libations ship overnight to ensure freshness, arriving at your door before 10:30 a.m.

Sounds like the perfect time to start drinking.