Kitch + Table's Gluten-Free Baking Mixes

Kitch + Table's gluten-free baking mixes

We're usually proponents of baking from scratch.

But everyone needs help once in a while–especially if you're gluten-free, which has its own set of flour-selection issues. So we were thrilled with Kitch + Table's new gluten-free, kosher baking mixes ($6 and $7 for brownies and pizza, respectively).

After her interest was piqued in the gluten-free diet, founder Jessica Kahn sampled many a gluten-free product and found most lacking. Kahn–whose family owns a food and nutritional manufacturing business–then spent months tweaking and perfecting her formulas. 

Her first, a brownie mix, produces delightfully fudgy, chewy confections. We're big fans of rich, dense brownies. These could easily pass for homemade.

Her pizza kit is also easy to execute. All you need is water and, for best results, a stand mixer with a paddle attachment. After some mixing and flattening, we popped the dough into the oven. While the result was a touch crisper and denser than we would normally like, the crust would be a fine base for a caramelized-onion flatbread or a rustic tomato pie.

Kahn has additional mixes in the works, including those for bourbon-vanilla and chocolate cakes.

So you can have your gluten-free cake and eat it, too.