Green Juice Breakfast Drink Recipe From Seamus Mullen

Rise and shine with green juice from a New York City chef

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We know a hero when we see one.

Seamus Mullen fits the bill: The chef at New York City's bustling tapas restaurant Tertulia recently authored a new cookbook, Seamus Mullen's Hero Food: How Cooking With Delicious Things Can Make Us Feel Better, in which he details 18 ingredients that have helped him manage his rheumatoid arthritis.

Mullen's beef with most healthful recipes is that there's a disconnect between the restaurant food we crave and what's considered good for us. His book attempts to bridge that gap with such dishes as an autumn squash salad or a six-minute egg with romesco.

A variation of the green juice from the book (see the recipe) recently debuted on Tertulia's new breakfast menu. Made with kale, parsley, tart apples, fresh ginger, lemon juice and honey, the juice is subtly sweet and incredibly smooth.

At the restaurant, the cooks use a powerful blender to better preserve the vegetables' nutrients and fiber. But even using a juicer, we felt like we were drinking to our health.

And that's pretty super.