Alex Elman's Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

An organic extra-virgin olive oil for all your cooking needs

Sommelier Alex Elman may have stumbled into the wine industry more than 20 years ago, but her desire to create an affordable organic olive oil was no mistake.

Having tired of so-called extra-virgin oils that are, in fact, tainted with refined oils, she launched her own eponymous brand.

The extra-virgin oil is made by cold-pressing organic Manzanilla Cacereña olives that are grown on family-owned groves in the hills of Extremadura, Spain. The olives are picked and milled on the same property without manipulation, and because they are harvested early, they have a lower fat content than most olives.

Flavor was essential to Elman; after losing her vision in her mid-twenties, she has developed a highly refined palate. The oil's buttery texture, fresh grassy flavor and light, lingering pepper notes appealed to her, and to us.

Elman's oil is ideal as a finishing drizzle on fish, chicken or salads, but because it has a smoke point of 400° Farenheit, you can easily cook with it. And with an affordable price point ($55 for three 16.9-ounce bottles), you won't feel guilty swirling it around a sauté pan.

And that's oil you need to know.