WearEver's Pure Living Ceramic Cookware

Ceramics: not just for "paint a mug" shops anymore.

WearEver's new, affordable Pure Living line of ceramic cookware ($25 to $80 each) could be your solution to those cluttered cabinets full of pans you don't use–and also enable you to cook on a healthier surface. 

Each of the dishwasher-safe, toxin-free pieces, including a range of fry pans, sauce pans and a covered skillet, are free of cadmium, PFOA and PFTE, those pesky chemicals that have given nonstick pans a bad name. And unlike most nonstick and traditional pans, they're recyclable, which means they won't end up as landfill.

Pure Living products promise easy cleaning, scratch and stain resistance and fast heating due to an aluminum core. Another advantage over non-stick? You can put them under the broiler, since the pans are heat resistant up to 750°.

We tested the 12-inch sauté pan and can verify its speedy heating capacity. After browning an onion with peppers, tomatoes and chickpeas, the pan was, as promised, a snap to wipe clean, and a silicone handle made maneuvering easy.

The Pure Living line also comes with a lifetime guarantee.

That vase you painted for your mom? Not so much.