The Gizmo Infuses Delicious Teas In Front Of Your Eyes

All-natural teas get a shot of flavor from "The Gizmo"

Trust us: You've never seen a mixed drink like this before.

Thanks to a globally patented gadget called "The Gizmo," Tea of a Kind's new line of chilled teas ($30 for twelve 16-ounce bottles) are infused right before your eyes. Simply twist the nitrogen-pressurized cap, and the brewed tea quite literally explodes into the cold water in the bottle below, mixing the drink.

The company claims that The Gizmo better maintains the tea's freshness by keeping it sealed, protected from UV light and oxidation. We just think it makes the drinking experience unique.

All novelty aside, the antioxidant-rich teas–which come in Pomegranate Açaí White Tea, Citrus Mint Green Tea and Peach Ginger Black Tea flavors–are made with all-natural ingredients and are preservative-free. Plus, with 20 calories a bottle, they refresh without a sugar high.

Just don't feed them after midnight.