Grow Your Own Food With These 4 Helpful Products

Eat the fruits of your labor this fall

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You've mastered the farm-to-table phenomenon. To truly know where your food comes from, try growing it yourself–without hassle, of course. These four accessible products will help you eat fresher as you go garden-to-table this fall.

Winter Winner: Start a hearty autumnal garden with the likes of arugula, red kale, sparkler radishes and more, courtesy of Pennsylvania-based Happy Cat Farm's sustainable Cold Weather Seed Collection ($30). 

Shroom Town: Forget raiding the mushroom stand at the farmers' market. Grow your own fungi with Back to the Roots's handy, easy-to-follow kit ($18). Simply mist twice daily to produce up to 1½ pounds of oyster mushrooms in about 10 days. 

Strange Bedfellows: No green thumb? No problem. Frausto & Co.'s Garden Deck ($16) can help you plan a garden, no matter how big or small, with planting tips, spacing guidelines, harvesting timelines and more. 

Johnny Appleseed: Sure, it may take a while to see the (ahem) fruits of your labor, but with the Apple Tree-to-Be kit ($22.50), complete with directions, you can skip the orchard and cultivate Ralls Janet heirloom apples at home.