TumericAlive Juice Cleanse Makes You Feel Better

Turmeric has its day at the juicer

Purists say you pronounce the first "r." Populists swear it's silent.

However you say "turmeric," the spice common in Indian cuisine, the root's health benefits have nutritionists and juicers alike abuzz. Namely, both camps are enthralled with its reputation as an anti-inflammatory, cleansing agent and antioxidant–as well as the root's purported aid in preventing cancer, liver disease and even Alzheimer's.

Most notably (and perhaps deliciously) among the juicing set is TumericAlive, a New York City-based company that bottles four flavors: Original Elixir (turmeric, cardamom, spearmint, honey, sea salt, ginger, lemon and cayenne), Vegan Elixir, Coconut Nectar and Vibrant Vanilla Bean ($5 for 12 ounces). All are raw, made entirely of organic ingredients, and contain a whopping seven to eight grams of turmeric sourced from Hawaii.

Fellow New York City cleanse experts Organic Avenue make a Turmeric Tonic ($7 for 14 ounces; buy it), infused with coconut sugar, pepper and cardamom, among other ingredients. And at Los Angeles' popular Moon Juice, you'll find the Turmeric Gold ($9 for 16 ounces; buy it), laced with red apple. The menu touts its "pain-killing, metabolism-boosting, antioxidizing" benefits.

A mouthful, perhaps, but one we're willing to try.