Easier Recipes, New Techniques, More Content

Easier recipes, new techniques, more content

Dear Sous Chef Series Subscriber,

Since our series launched, we've journeyed together into the kitchens of over 50 rising stars in the culinary world. 

But when our Test Kitchen Hotline opened six months ago, we learned that you want more than a sneak peek into those chefs' lives; you want to become a better cook.

And so, Sous Chef Series is changing–and expanding to four days each week.

Every Monday, you will still receive an exclusive recipe from one of the country's best up-and-coming chefs. And we'll still give you a photo-driven look into these chefs' lives outside the restaurant kitchen.

From there, Sous Chef Series truly starts to heat up. Each week, we'll introduce an essential cooking technique, using step-by-step slide shows and videos. Then we will send you indispensable ingredient and equipment profiles, cookbook roundups, and the best online sources for everything from bacon to ice cream.

Sous Chef Series recipes are changing too. First, we added an equipment checklist for each recipe. The reason: We know too well what it's like to get halfway through a recipe, only to be blindsided by an unexpected piece of cookware.

The instructions are now friendlier and more detailed–like having an easygoing chef cooking alongside you. And there's more to come, including an ingredient glossary and shopping lists. Plus, as always, if you have a question about an ingredient, recipe or technique, Ask Our Cooks connects you to a knowledgeable Tasting Table team member.

Kitchen confidence, here we come.