Giorgio Rapicavoli's Tomato Salad Recipe

A Miami chef puts a colorful spin on tomato salad

Chef Giorgio Rapicavoli cooks with broad strokes.

He describes the food at his Miami pop-up, Eating House, as "culinary graffiti": innovative, playful and not bound to any particular style–but art nonetheless.

Diners appreciated his boldness, flocking to the restaurant in droves. And although Eating House just shut its doors last week, here we present you with its swan song, Rapicavoli's inspired heirloom tomato salad (see the recipe).

The dish was conceived on the restaurant's first day in February, and due to its instant popularity, never came off the menu. Ripe heirloom tomatoes are a sweet, meaty foil for crunchy roasted peanuts, fresh herbs, an Asian-inspired vinaigrette and a topping of shaved, ice-cold coconut milk. The dish is a maestro's deft play on both texture and temperature.

The ingredient composition is undoubtedly more involved than the typical summer tomato salad. But with detailed instructions from Rapicavoli, you'll be able to make the dish your own paint-by-numbers masterpiece.